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Help! I Have a Flat Butt
By Liv Wallace-Rudd

"I have a flat butt..."

Well, I don't (as you can see by my picture below); but this is how many of the letters from our readers begin. Here are just a few of the comments.

"...my butt is very very flat. It resembles an old woman butt..."

"...my butt is just small and flat ...is there any kind of food that [goes] directly there? I tried working out, and that doesn't help."

"...I have no butt. It's small and flat all of my friends make fun of me..."

"...I am quite skinny so I have a flat bum ...[are there] any specific exercise .. and any foods that help."

"...can a flat butt be turned into a J.Lo [Jennifer Lopez] butt?"

These comments all end with the direct or implied inquiry "What can I do to make my butt bigger, fuller, curvier and/or firmer?" Clearly, these people suggest that having a flat butt is no fun. I know that if I had a flat butt, my husband would look at everyone's butt except mine. I can't have that!

Having said that, let me offer some hope along with some tough realities. First of all, people like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, and Tichina Arnold are born with the kind of DNA that causes them to have big butts probably from early adolescence. As grown women, they just need to maintain the shape of their butts. Don't think for a second that J.Lo and Beyonce don't spend a lot of time in the gym. They work hard to keep those big firm butts sitting up where they belong.

Ok, back to the questions. Yes, a flat butt can get bigger, rounder and curvier. Fitness trainer Joey Atlas describes the changes that can take place for a skinny flat butt, as well as a fat sagging butt - all using the same workout regimen. The reason is that the butt contains a collection of muscles (gluteus). Proper exercise causes these muscles to get bigger and to replace fat.

If you are very skinny, it will be necessary to gain some weight. You will need to consume protein and carbs in addition to your workouts. In "Gluteus to the Maximus," Nick Nilsson discusses nutrition as well as stretching and multiple targeted exercises designed to increase the size of your butt. For a Flat Butt, stretching is very important. As he describes in the book, you need to stretch your fascia lata, to give the new butt muscle sufficient room to grow.

Most of the questions appear to be asking if there is a "quick fix." I can't tell you a specific exercise, or a specific diet that will turn a small flat butt into a J.Lo-like butt. It doesn't work like that. You need to follow a complete workout plan created and tested by an experienced fitness trainer. Both the DVD Series from Joey Atlas and the Electronic Book from Nick Nilsson contain the type of organized workout plans that are necessary to build a flat butt into a big round one. The only additional ingredient will be your own hard work and dedication.

About the Author
Liv Wallace-Rudd is an administrative assistant for a major insurance company.

Now in her mid thirties, she works out at least five days a week to maintain her curvy-shaped figure and big round butt. She consults and answers visitor's questions at ButtShape.com.

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