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The Marketing of Big Butts
ButtShape.com Staff

Many women -- both those with big butts and smaller butts -- have expressed concern about the availability of clothing that fit their figures.

Recently, some fashion designers have taken [either a sincere or financial] interest in women with big butts and have produced well-fitting and stylish clothing that not only "accommodates" a big butt, but makes it look really good.

New advertising campaigns from [cosmetics company] Dove and hip-hop mogul Nelly with Apple Bottom Jeans that are designed to "curve around the buttocks and the thighs," illustrate the desire to serve this market.

In 2007, we are probably living in the best time in history for the appreciation of big butts. Indeed, the Nike "Thunder Thighs" ad celebrates the big round ones, even if does so somewhat at the expense of appearing to caricature women with big butts. Notwithstanding typical corporate insensitivity, short-sighted designers, and anorexic would-be models, there is no need to for any woman to consider reducing her big round one to a little flat thing. In fact there are many workout routines and other services designed to make the less ample rear bulk up and stand out in a crowd.

The above YouTube video is an interview that focuses on both the psychological impact and the fashion-related concerns of women with big butts. Interviewee Angela Edmunds owns a retail shop in Philadelphia, PA which has big-butt women as its primary demographic. In this interview, Angela appears to be a little too diplomatic for our tastes. In other words, we wouldn't expect to see her leading a parade of big-butt women, even though she says that she has a big round one herself.

It seems a little strange hearing an African-American woman say she feels (or once felt) uncomfortable about having a big butt. In most cases, a sister's butt looks pretty much the same as most of her friends' and family members' butts. Nevertheless, Angela appears to be very knowledgeable about big-butt fashions, and the history of fashions for women with larger posteriors, so you should probably stop in Showroom 77 the next time you are in Philly.

The host talks about women who cover their rears with sweaters to hide their butts. The fact is, some big butts should be hidden. Not all big butts are created equal. We have seen big wide butts, big flat butts, and big sagging butts. What we stress is "big and curvy." Let's not do Beyonce and J-Lo the disservice of lumping them in with every woman [and man] who refuse to regulate and stabilize the size and shape of their booty.

For more information about Showroom 77, visit their site at showroom77.net.

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