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Why You WON'T Get a Big, Round Butt
By Karen Ceramica

A big, round butt is not for everybody. If you're like most of our visitors, you'd better get prepared to carry around that flat butt of yours for life!

We have gotten thousands of requests from (mostly) women who say that they have a small butt or a flat butt or both. Or, they say that they used to have a big butt but now it's gone, and they want it back. Many of them literally beg us for help.  "Please help me!!," they say.

In most cases, it seems that what they really want from us, is for us to tell them the magic words. There must be some secret we can give them that will turn their tiny, flat butt into a big, round, firm, sexy butt in two weeks! Get this shot, or eat this particular food every day, or do this secret exercise a couple times a week and, abracadabra, the big butt magic will be revealed.

They treat this like many people who want to get rich. Like the well-known get rich quick scams that the scam promoters claim will make you a millionaire with no significant input of your own money and little or no time and effort on your part. Of course, you know better! We all do. Similarly, there IS NO Fairy Godmother of Big Butts.

If I had to reveal to you the secret to getting a big butt, I would tell you about the long hours of hard work that gradually and eventually pays off with the results you want.

What is the nature of this hard work? A regular workout schedule of specific butt-building exercises done properly in the right sequences. Consuming a protein-rich diet that promotes muscle growth. Charting your progress and constantly increasing the intensity of your training. If your butt is not hurting by the time you finish your workouts, it's probably not getting any bigger.

So, why do I say that you won't get a big, round butt? Well, if you are very rich, you could get a good plastic surgeon that will move fat from another part of your body to your butt and craft it to look sexy. Is this you? If you can afford a good personal trainer, you can hire someone who knows exactly how to craft a big beautiful butt. And, if you do exactly what s/he tells you to do, you'll get that big butt. Is this you?

If, however, you are the average person, this is what you'll do. You'll look around for some free articles on the Internet, continuing to search for the "big butt secret." You may find some sites that tell you "do some squats or lunges." And, maybe you'll actually do this for a while. Then, when your butt doesn't get any bigger, you'll eventually give up in frustration, and make peace with your flat butt. Is this you?

If, you're not rich BUT you're also NOT the average person, and if you're one of the few with the desire and work ethic to purchase and stick with a good program long enough to bring results, then I was totally wrong about you! You will get that big, round butt. And it won't take nearly as long as you think. Is this you?

About the Author
Karen Ceramica is an Internet researcher and consultant who answers question about fitness issues.

Karen already has a big butt. She uses the "Butt Hip and Thigh Makeover" from Joey Atlas to maintain her excellent lower body shape. You can ask her any question you choose on the main page of the ButtShape.com web site. She will answer any question not already addressed on the site.

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